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August 2022 Newsletter

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Only 1 Month Away!



Our next bifold game is coming to Kickstarter on September 6th!    

Gnome Sweet Gnome (Codename "Lawn") is a 36-card bifold game designed for 2 players in which you will compete to create the most breathtaking garden of flowers, toadstools, winding rock pathways, and (of course) lawn gnomes. 
Draft pairs of garden cards and gnome cards and carefully arrange them to meet variable scoring goals and win the game! I'm thrilled to officially announce some more details about the game today!
Gnome Sweet Gnome will be available on Kickstarter for just $12. It will be launching with a 24 card expansion that comes in it's own separate wallet which you can add-on for just $8 starting on Day 1. You will also be able to add on a 50-page, paper scorepad to your pledge for $4.
If you want to help me bring another awesome new game to life, please sign up for a pre-launch notification HERE

🦩 ⛲️ 🪴


This month, the wonderful Emily Patriquin has been hard at work on the artwork for Gnome Sweet Gnome. I am very excited to bring her delightfully whimsical style to the game. If you want to follow along on the progress of the art, see sneak peeks of the game, or help with print-and-play playtesting which starts TODAY, you can join our Discord


If you head over there right now, you can get a first look at a gnome illustration with a fun little nod to Barnyard!


Barnyard Pre-Orders

Speaking of Barnyard, Kickstarter orders have completely shipped and pre-orders are now open! You can get a copy for just $12 with the FREE Farmers Expansion included in every order!

There are also a VERY limited number of deluxe editions and playmats available for purchase. Get them while you can because they won't last long!




Other Codenames

I'm excited to officially announce...

Haha, no not yet. But I can say that the wheels are definitely turning on several major and ambitious projects! Codename Blaze is an exciting new design from a game designing duo (that you may know) with a previously published game in the Top 200 on BGG...

Codename Domain is a super fun co-design that I've had the pleasure of working on with a close friend of mine in the industry. We are nearly finished with the core gameplay and are getting ready to begin expanding into some more exciting territory for that core gameplay...

Codename Hood... Well, I still don't think I'm ready to start sharing about that one yet. But I can say that's it is a game of my own design and it is  


GenCon Week!

I'm thrilled to be attending GenCon for the very first time this year as part of job with Keymaster Games! While BGB Publishing won't be present in an official capacity, I'll be working the Keymaster Games booth (#2013) at the following times:


Thursday -  9:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Friday -  9:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Saturday -  9:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Sunday -  1:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Feel free to drop by to say hello if you're attending! I'd be happy to sign your copy of Barnyard or Vowl or even show you some sneak peeks at Gnome Sweet Gnome or other games I'm working on (so long as you don't spill the beans!). 


If you want to meet up with me outside of the times I'm working at the Keymaster booth, I'm free most of the rest of the weekend (with a few exceptions for some meetings) so you can always hit me up in our Discord if you want to find a good time to say hello or play a game with me!


Games I've Been Playing

In July, some games that have been hitting my table include Barnyard (of course), Ghost Blitz, Marvel Dice Throne, Caper: Europe, Relics of Rajavihara, and Unmatched.




That's all for this month! Have you ordered your copy of Barnyard? What is your top question about our next campaign for Gnome Sweet Gnome?

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