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July 2022 Newsletter

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Announcing... Gnome Sweet Gnome!


Our next bifold game is coming to Kickstarter on September 6th! 

Gnome Sweet Gnome (Codename "Lawn") is a 36-card bifold game designed for 2 players in which you will compete to create the most breathtaking garden of flowers, toadstools, winding rock pathways, and (of course) lawn gnomes. 
Draft pairs of garden cards and gnome cards and carefully arrange them to meet variable scoring goals and win the game! 
You can sign up for a pre-launch notification HERE.
🦩 ⛲️ 🪴

Last week, we officially signed the wonderful Emily Patriquin to do the artwork for Gnome Sweet Gnome. I am very excited to bring her delightfully whimsical style to the game. If you want to follow along on the progress of the art, see sneak peeks of the game, or help with print-and-play playtesting, you can join our Discord

If you head over there right now, you can also help vote on which bifold color we will use for the game!


Barnyard Pre-Orders / Fulfillment

Barnyard is almost completely done printing! The classic and deluxe bifolds are finished and in hand:




The playmats also recently came in:



All that leaves are the cards and rulebooks, which are VERY close to finished an at the manufacturers. My family and I leave for our first vacation in 3 years TODAY! Once I get back, the remaining cards and rulebooks should be here and I will begin the process of hand-assembling and shipping them. Right now, I'm still estimating a delivery time of early August, but it's VERY possible the games will start shipping before the end of July!


I'm super excited that Barnyard is almost here. If you missed the campaign, pre-orders open August 1st and you can click on the "Notify Me" button on the left of this page to be notified when it goes live


Vowl Summer Sale

For a limited time, you can get 30% off our word game, Vowl: The Game of Letters Gone Astray! This sale won't last long, and all orders will start shipping on July 16th after my vacation. If you've been waiting for the right moment to snag this word game that's sure to delight at any game night, now is the time!


Other Codenames

For those following along closely with these updates, you may have remembered I had originally been planning to reveal Codename "Photo" this month. Unfortunately, there some unexpected issues we ran into last month that have delayed our timescales for this project pretty significantly.

Rest assured, this project is very much still in development, it just won't be coming to life until sometime next year.

I'm not giving away anything about codenames "JUNK", "HOOD", or "DOMAIN" but feel free to speculate what you think they might be in the comments!


Games I've Been Playing

This month, some games that have been hitting my table include Cascadia, Final Girl, Marvel Dice Throne, Viticulture World, and Wonderland's War.




That's all for this month! Are you excited to get your copy of Barnyard? What is your number one question about our next game, Gnome Sweet Gnome?

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