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June Newsletter - 2022

Progress Chart


We Have A Discord!

Before I jump into updates on upcoming projects, I wanted to mention that I've been building a Discord server for the BGB Publishing Community over the last few weeks. It's a great new place to discuss our products, connect with other gamers, and talk with me!

If you'd like to join the Discord server, JUST CLICK HERE

(If you're not familiar with Discord, it's essentially a series of chat rooms. It's free, it's private, and it's easy to leave if it isn't a good fit for you. You can even mute individual channels that aren't interesting to you. I recommend trying it!)


Barnyard Update

Let's start off this month with a big update on Barnyard, our first Bifold Game which finished on Kickstarter at almost 200% funded! The first thing you might notice from the progress chart above is that the logo has changed:



This change primarily happened because the original design ended up being to complex for the manufacturer that is embossing the logo onto the deluxe leather wallets. Internally, I also already had a growing desire to simplify the logo and I'm quite happy with the new look!


In other news, all of the final files for Barnyard have been submitted to our various manufacturers and EVERYTHING is currently printing! Here's a quick look at the estimated arrival date for each of the components:


Playmats: Mid June

Basic + Deluxe Bifolds:  Late June

Cards + Rules:  Early July


My family and I will be going on our first vacation in 3 years at the very beginning of July. Once I get back, all of the game's components should be here and I will begin the process of hand-assembling and shipping them. Right now, I'm still estimating a delivery time of August, but this is mostly just to provide us with some buffer space. If there are no delays in the printing, assembling, or shipping process, it's possible the games will start shipping before the end of July!


I'm super excited that Barnyard is almost here. If you missed the campaign, don't worry! Pre-orders for the retail release will open up this coming July/August and you can sign up for a notification HERE.


Or, if you really want to try it now, you can purchase a print and play version of the game HERE.


Codename "PHOTO"

I'm still not at liberty to give you too much information about our next project, aside from confirming that we are planning on launching on Kickstarter THIS SEPTEMBER!


Codename Photo is a very unique board game project (not a bifold game) that is a collaboration between myself and another awesome person in the board game industry that you may know...


I gave you a little teaser last month:


What Could It Be?


Let's do it again! Here's another teaser:



Next month, I'll stop with the teasers and I will officially reveal what I've been working on and (more importantly) who I've been working on it with!


Codename "LAWN"

Codename Lawn, on the other hand, is a game that I've been designing and developing over the course of the last 2-3 months. Development is going really well so far and I'm still planning to launch it on Kickstarter in January of next year.


It's still WAY to early for me to give you any specific details but I can tell you that it is a bifold game, and I think/hope that if you enjoy certain aspects of Barnyard, you'll really like this one.


Other Codenames

I'm not giving away anything about codenames "WEST", "HOOD", or "DOMAIN" but feel free to speculate what you think they might be in the comments!




That's all for this month! Are you excited to get your copy of Barnyard? Which of our upcoming codenames are you most intrigued by?

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