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May Newsletter - 2022

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Barnyard Update

Our first Board Game Bifold, Barnyard, just finished up on Kickstarter at almost 200% funded! The final files for the game are almost finished and will be sent to our manufacturers within the next week and then the fun part begins!

The game's cards, playmats and bifold wallets (both the classic and the deluxe versions) will then start being manufactured over the course of the next 1-2 months before being shipped to us where they will then be hand-assembled and shipped out to backers.

I'm super excited that Barnyard is finally coming to life. If you missed the campaign, don't worry! You'll be able to order your copy this coming August and can sign up for a notification of the release HERE.


Coming Next

I can't give you too much information about our next 2 projects, which I've given the codenames "PHOTO" and "LAWN". What I can tell you is that Codename Photo is a very unique project (not a bifold game) that will launch on Kickstarter this coming September. I'll also give you a little teaser just to keep you on your toes:

What Could It Be?

Codename Lawn, on the other hand, is a bifold game that I've been designing and developing over the course of the last month. Development is going really well so far and I'm excited to tentatively launch it on Kickstarter in January of 2023.

As for the rest of the codenames on the list, these are all projects that are very early in development, and it will likely take a month or 2 before I can get feel for where they may fit in our publishing schedule.


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